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Community Development

The makers of Qi Kratom products believe that strong, healthy communities make successful businesses.

Community Development

We sponsor art and community service projects to benefit people in need. We help our employees, clients, and neighbors to better enjoy life.

Social Responsibility

We purchase our kratom from farmers in the US, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Borneo.

Social Responsibility

Our partner-farmers receive fair compensation. We maintain our relationships with them to ensure that the growers of the herbs you receive from us are happy.

Customer Support

Contact us with any questions you might have about our teas and other herbs.

Customer Support

We hope that you enjoy our products but don't hesitate to ask us for information about them and advice on how to use them.

It takes a whole village!

ee dahahm
awesome human
faith in learning through friends, family, community, art, and nature
Kai Kai Mascarenas
empowering educator
intersectional justice through healing, relationship building, and resistance
Chulwoo Lee
spiritual healer
unicycle riding moxibustion sage teacher, circulating qinergy
Young Hee Lim
heart of gold, kimchi alchemist, mother’s hands

Kratom Varieties

Green Vein

Simulant 100%
Euphoria 50%
Relaxation 25%

White Vein

Simulant 50%
Euphoria 100%
Relaxation 25%

Red Vein

Simulant 10%
Euphoria 50%
Relaxation 100%